The Last Bullet

He was told he was paralyzed from the chest down. The bullet still remains in his body today.

Editors' Pick

By Julia Wall


World Within Our Own

A mother cares for her son with autism.

Editors' Pick

By Carolyn Van Houten



An undocumented immigrant’s fight for his future.

Editors' Pick

By Josh Davis


The Light Worker

Being psychic is hard when you’re 13.

Editors' Pick

By Kathryn Carlson


Raising Burma

A relationship of struggle and overcoming.

Editors' Pick

By Vanessa Patchett

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A Living Memory

One family's battle for justice.

By Ryan Comfort


Your Own

“My relatives don’t think I’m Chinese ... here"

By Rebecca Yan

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You Are Here

Cancer patient Cherry Turnage needed a bone marrow transplant. After the surgery, she had to isolate her self from society to prevent infection.

By Carter McCall


Flying Solo

It is said that twins are two bodies that share a single soul.

By Ashley Blue

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"Living in a children’s home... it’s a completely different world. "

By Allison Williams


Grace {Un}defined

The meaning of grace explored through movement, faith, and society.

By Rachel Dennis


To Live Well on This Land

The land allows them to define for themselves what it means to live a valuable life.

By Mika Chance

Butner Image

Aaron’s House

How one family used their loss to build others' lives.

By Bryce Butner


King of the Hill

“The only thing that can get me out of this place is a woman or my son.”

By Morgan McCloy

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A meditation on coping with death.

Editors' Pick

By Terri Flag

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A Tail of Trail

Preservation in action.

By Seth Muller

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24/7: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Three renowned and successful hip-hop artists rely on regular, 9-to-5 (or more) jobs to survive.

By Ryan Cocca


A Room of Her Own

"I didn't know much about drag before I met Justin, but I soon knew everything about it!"

By Rohan Ayinde Smith

Poster Frame

Fighting for Balance

A father of two trying to make it as a professional MMA fighter.

By Andrew Mackenzie


Chasing a Dream

Desmond Jackson, a 12-year-old amputee, dreams of becoming a Paralympian.

By Stephen Mitchell


One Such Child

"Whoever receives one such child in my name, receives me." - Matthew 18:5

By Christopher Lane



Our cultural heritage defines who we are as individuals.

By Lauren Vied

Max, nearly three years old, kisses his new brother.

Journey of a Surrogate Mother

"You enjoy it so much and you see how happy the family is, it makes you want to do it again."

By Chelsey Allder

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For the Sterling and Turner families, foster care means love.

By Mallory Darida