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Foster care can be a giant web of court cases, judges, therapists, social workers and paperwork.  In the end, one thing is most important: making children feel at home.  Gary and Aundrea Sterling began foster parenting after feeling a call from God to make an impact on a child’s life.  Through their involvement, twenty-two young children received a temporary home.  The Sterlings adopted two of these children, Presley and Evan, and welcomed them permanently into their family.  Presley and Evan are treated the same as any other child in the Sterling family.  Although Presley struggles with her identity because instability, family visits and court cases as a baby, her parents remind her that she is unconditionally loved.

Emily Snyder, a high school senior adopted from India, entered foster care near the end of her teenage years.  After running away from home multiple times and getting into trouble, her adopted mother put a restraining order on her.  At age 18, Emily is technically an adult but living in Dee Turner’s home as a foster child.  Turner has provided a home to 30 to 40 girls with therapeutic issues.  In addition to giving these girls a home, she also acts as a counselor and support system.  Emily hopes to finish high school in the spring, reconnect with her family and become a valuable member of society.