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Chasing a Dream

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Desmond Jackson was born with a birth defect that caused him to have his left leg amputated above his knee at nine months. Desmond grew up never knowing what it was like to have both legs, but he never let it hold him back.

When Desmond was nine, he set six world records in track and field events at the National Junior Disability Championships in St. Louis. His records, in the 100-meter, the 200-meter, the 400-meter, the shot put, the discus, and the softball throw, still stand.

Now twelve years old, Desmond has continued to excel and recently joined the track and field team at his middle school, where he competes against able-bodied individuals to push himself. “It’s not really a race for me it’s just for me to get my times better,” he said.

Deborah Jackson, Desmond’s mother, said her son does not face many challenges and can do almost anything an able-body child can. She said that she has tried to place him in an arena for greatness. Desmond works out with a personal trainer and has a special running leg.

Desmond hopes that his hard work and persistence will pay off, and one day he will be able to achieve his dream of becoming a Paralympian and being a track star.