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By Kathryn Carlson


The Light Worker | What Matters 2 US

The Light Worker

Soul, Stories

At the age of 9, Areana Brooks started seeing things that other people could not. Strange shadows, bright light, and finally, dead people. To her, abnormality is normal. Life has taken on new dimensions for Ari, who believes she has been offered glimpses into the after life.


Now, at age 13, Ari has embraced her gift and has since become a Light Worker, or someone who sends earth-bound spirits to “the light.” Ari says that to spirits, she acts as a beacon of light, calling spirits to her so she can help them cross over.


She is well aware of how most people would react to her gift, calling her schizophrenic or saying she makes it up. But Ari said that though she wondered at a time if she had a mental disorder, she knows her gift is real. “If I was making it up, or it was all in my head, how can I know something about you that no one else knows? It’s evidentiary,” she said.


Ari gets scared of her second sight sometimes. She has had her things thrown about the room and has been scratched by angry spirits, but most of the time they come to her for help and comfort. Occasionally, she wishes she wasn’t psychic, especially when she learns things she never wanted to know. “My parents and I were driving and we witnessed a car wreck. I knew, immediately, that a baby and a dog were hurt. And a baby and a dog were hurt. I never asked to know that. I sat in the car, balling.”


Though just barely a teenager, Ari is trying to fulfill what she believes is her purpose in life.  She said she doesn’t mind if people don’t believe her, it doesn’t mean something is any less real. “It’s not for bad, it’s not for evil. It’s for good,” Ari said.