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Flying Solo

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Twins are said by some to be two bodies sharing one soul.  They have a bond that no single born child can ever fully understand.  David Alexander, 25, shared this bond with his twin brother, James, until April 20, 2012, when he lost his brother as a result of a free-diving accident.

The boys were living in Cruz Bay in St. John, USVI.  James and David grew up in North Carolina, and knew that that is where they ultimately wanted to end up.  They were scheduled to arrive back home on June 1, 2012.

“I will never find a similar relationship. You don’t find people that understand you that way.  That have known you through every single experience that you’ve had in your life.  That have experienced everything you’ve experienced” David said.

James and David were inseparable.  They were even known by their friends simply as, “The Twins”.  David is now trying to make sense out of all that is left behind.  He is discovering a unique identity, and doing what he can to fill the void that comes with losing his best friend, his brother and his twin.