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To Live Well on This Land

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In Chatham County, North Carolina, a handful of young people—a core group of 10, with others coming and going–are sharing land as part of an intentional community. The shared land keeps their cost of living low, so they have time and resources to craft, farm, build, forage, and create.

“I wanted to live like this because it was cheaper. So I can have more time to relax and spend time with my friends. But that can be kind of radical, because we’re very work-driven in this culture,” says Julia, who has lived on this land for nearly 2 years.

“I feel like I’ve grown up with a lot of limits from my family, from society as a whole. To be in a place where I don’t have those is unsettling and exciting and I don’t know what to do with myself and I like that. Everything could be possible,” says Stevie.

While some values are shared by the whole group–-independence, self-sufficiency, resourcefulness–-there is no one unifying, shared vision among all the residents. If there is anything they all share in common, it is that they are using this land to seek something they were not able to find before, and to define for themselves what it means to live a valuable life.